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GARLOCK PFAS update EU_EN_KU0222429-Jan-24
ESA SEA PFAS Restriction - Final29-Sept-23
ESA Position Statement on proposed PFAS regulation29-Sept-23
AEGIR Marine Case Study5-Jul-23
SIEM Case Study5-Jul-23
Europump position on the restriction of PFAS5-Jul-23
ECHA Fpp4EU guidance "How stakeholders can best contribute to the opinion-making"5-Jul-23
Gujarat Fluorochemicals "Legal observations on the PFAS restriction proposal"5-Jul-23
ACEA comments on the PFAS restriction proposal5-Jul-23
IAEG and WSP letter "Input needed on proposed restrictions of PFAS across the supply chain"5-Jul-23
Fluoropolymers Product Group Newsletter from May 20235-Jul-23
James Walker Webinar "PFAS regulation proposals ‑ where are we now?"5-Jul-23
James Walker Webinar "Understanding the proposed PFAS regulations"5-Jul-23
Chemsec article from May 22, 20235-Jul-23
Financial times article from May 22, 20235-Jul-23
PFAS Missed Uses General Sheet 6 April05-May-23
PFAS Meeting Minutes, March 29, 202307-Apr-23
PFAS Letter of Engagement24-Feb-23
BPMA PFAS Restriction and Sealing Devices07-Apr-23
The Unique Role of Fluoropolymers in Sealing Devices07-Apr-23
ESA PFAS SEA - Data Collection Template - Manufacturers & Importers07-Apr-23
ESA PFAS SEA - Data Collection Template - Downstream Users07-Apr-23
Triskelion SEA 003199 Quotation v1 European Sealing Association - SEA for a restriction of PFAS in sealants28-Nov-22
RPA Proposal 15 November 202228-Nov-22
Ricardo proposal - ESA fluoropolymers SEA28-Nov-22
ECHA Procedure in SEAC and involvement of relevant stakeholders21-Dec-22
EU PFAS restrictions21-Dec-22
Plastics Europe_Regulatory Management Option Analysis21-Dec-22
ACEA_PFAS and the automotive industry21-Dec-22
MTE_PFAS in the Medical Technologies Sector21-Dec-22
The importance of fluoropolymers across the hydrogen value chain21-Dec-22
DUPONT_PVDF essentiality in the water and waste water treatment28-Nov-22
Plastics Europe_Fluropolymers and a Universal PFAS REACH Restriction21-Dec-22
PFAS restriction proposal timeline 202331-Jan-23
FPP4EU presentation ESA Sept 202227-Oct-2022
PFAS in Oil and Gas and Mining by Wood Group 2021[86]24-Oct-2022
GARLOCK PFAS PFOH declaration #EN_EU_KU16122[84]24-Oct-2022
FSA PFAS Update from Sept 202224-Oct-2022
Plastics Europe ESA meeting24-Oct-2022
FPG - FFP4EU 15 June presentation_Nicolas Robin29-Jun-22
EU policies and legislations_PFAS_FPP4EU_Valentina Bertato29-Jun-22
EU PFAS restriction general presentation june 2022_Martijn Beekman29-Jun-22
2022_06_15_Decision tree presentation_Marleen Pauwels29-Jun-22
PFAS Article Valve World May 202208-Jun-22
Integr Envir Assess Manag - 2018 - Henry - A critical review of the application of polymer of low concern and regulatory04-Feb-22
PFAS_pro_K_Response to Registry of Intention by the fluoropolymer user industry_23092104-Feb-22
Fluoropolymers Product Group - RMOA 09/2104-Feb-22
PFAS_Fluoropolymers - Sustainability & Circularity 16012204-Feb-22
PFAS Chemicals Explained FSA04-Feb-22
BDI  PFAS Position Paper 09/2102-Feb-22
ESA response to proposed PFAS regulation 032209-Mar-22
Hydrogen Europe position paper on PFAS ban 09/2108-Apr-22
ESA PFAS Update Presentation 17052220-May-22