One of the benefits of a non-profit trade association is its ability to collectively pull together the knowledge and experiences of its members to deliver independent training with no commercial bias. Our online courses are available to all users free of charge, but enrolment is necessary in order to take them.

Current Courses

Compression Packings – Troubleshooting

Developed by the ESA Packings Division, this training course covers the area of problems in packing performance and how to overcome them and complements the earlier ‘Introduction to Compression Packing’ course. Users of packings and those responsible for selecting, fitting and replacing packings will learn the various types of packing failures, their causes and how to avoid them.

An Introduction to Compression Packing

Developed by the ESA Packings Division, this training course helps engineers, technicians and users of packings to understand what packings are and how and when they can be used successfully. It covers application and installation information as well as packing materials and construction.

A Guide to Successful Gasket Installation

Produced by the ESA Flange Gasket Division, this animated training video covers the correct installation of a gasket for flange applications. It is intended for maintenance experts, engineers, technicians, and users and describes the preparation, selection and torquing requirement to load and seat a gasket correctly.