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Flange Gasket Installation Training Video
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A Guide to Successful Gasket Installation
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Incorrect and faulty gasket installation is one of the main failure modes resulting in emissions from flange connections. The European Sealing Association’s training video is intended to help maintenance operators, engineers, technicians and users of gaskets with the correct and trouble-free flange installation.

In this video, you will learn about:

    • Which tools are required for gasket installation
    • How to check flanges, bolts and nuts before installation
    • How to check the gasket before installation
    • Bolt lubrication and load bearing surfaces
    • The correct tightening procedure
    • Re-tightening guidelines

Video details

The video has additional information as text and voice over. The duration is 4:55 minutes.

The members of the ESA Flange Gasket Division are manufacturers and suppliers of all types of flange gaskets and are dedicated to providing products that protect the environment from pollution of land, water and the atmosphere.

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