Installation Guide (Russian)

This publication is aimed at engineers designing systems that include expansion joints. It contains details on typical designs, capabilities and design guidlines.

ESA Publication No. 011/09 (revision 2 of publication 011/01)

This document has been prepared for use by designers, engineering contractors, end users and original equipment manufacturers. It is focused on solutions to the typical challenges faced by engineers responsible for ducting and equipment connections involving expansion joints. The document aims to provide the reader with:

a better understanding of fabric expansion joints

a means of evaluating the various options available

a series of guidelines for the safe usage of expansion joint components in order to ensure maximum safety and performance of the joint under service conditions.

This guide describes in detail the applications and capabilities of fabric expansion joints, provides information on standard expansion joints and outlines the basic engineering concepts involved. The document provides information on materials used, plus other sections arranged to help in the design and specification of fabric expansion joints. Importantly, the guide provides the basis for maximising communication between user and manufacturer, in order that both may work together productively to solve challenges through the selection and use of the most appropriate technology for the application.

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